Philly Cupcake Warz

Cupcake Warz

Dear Foodiez,

1 Nite.
11 Judges.
6 Bakeries.
18 Cupcakes.

War is hell! And in this case – very fattening!  It may seem like a dream come true – a blind taste test of 18 cupcakes.   Trust – it can become overwhelming after …. about bite number …. 9, it’s at this point one realizes …… wait, I’m only half way through.  Panic begins to set in as you realize, I’m actually getting sick of cupcakes.  LOL~  Then you take a drink of milk, a deep breath and you move on.  You dig in and get the job done!

More on the war after the JUMP!!!

Ok foodiez, here’s a breakdown of the playa’z & the game.

What better way to judge a cupcake contest than to invite cupcake bakers, food bloggers, food writers and a few self-proclaimed cupcake addicts!

Cupcake Warz Judges

The Playa’s:
Jackie (baker) of Cupcake Karma
Colleen (baker/blogger) of Sweet Swallows
Jason (addict) of Philly Ad Kids
Drew (writer) of City Paper
Shariff (addict) & masterofnone

Colleen & Jackie

Kristin (addict) & bombshell
Miles (addict) & style monster
SteveCis (addict) & social media guru
Justin (addict) & proclaimed cupcake expert
ChrisG521 (addict) & fame monster
Thekrismohfanz (addict) & flash mobber

6 Chocolate Entries


The Bakeries:
Philly Cupcake
Flying Monkey
Brown Betty
Call Me Cupcake
ButterCream  Philadelphia
Whipped Bake Shop

The Game

It was really simple.  6 Bakeries entered 3 selections.  A Vanilla/Vanilla, a Chocolate/Chocolate, and a Wild Card.  The Wild Card could be anything the bakery felt was their absolute best cupcake.  All 6 bakeries were judged in 8 categories.  1.  Best Cake.  2.  Best Icing.  3.  Best Presentation.  4.  Best Vanilla/Vanilla.  5.  Best Chocolate/Chocolate.  6.  Best Wild Card Cupcake.  7.  Most Unique Cupcake.  8.  Cutest Cupcake.

Now, I fell compelled to say, “Don’t hate the playa…. hate da’ game!”  But in this case, Imma ask you to not hate either.  Cuz’ I invited the playas and I kinda created the game.  And did we have some game?!  All entries were identified with a letter, judges were issued ballots and instructed to identify each category winner by its letter – notes were permitted!

CAN I GETA DRUMROLL?????????????????


Philly Cupcake Sweet Potato

Best Icing
It’s a 3 Way!  Easy, a 3 way tie!
1.  Whipped Bake Shop’s Chocolate Icing.
2.  Brown Betty’s Cream Cheese Icing on their Red Velvet
3.  Philly Cupcake’s Cream Cheese Icing on their  Sweet Potato

(This was the  most divisive of all categories –  judges raved about several, and judges spit out some… again, don’t hate my playa’z!)

Best Cake
A two-way tie!
1.  ButterCream Philadelphia’s Banana / Nutella
2.  Philly Cupcake’s Chocolate / Chocolate

(Buttercream’s strongest showing all night!  Banana makes moist cake – bada bing!  Some of the playa’s asked for more milk to wash down some pretty dry cake…. dry cupcakes make me sad….)

Best Presentation
Winner: Philly Cupcake’s Chocolate / Chocolate.
Runner Up: Whipped Bake Shop’s Vanilla w. Lemon Curd filling

Beauty is only skin deep – but ugly goes to the bone.  Let me tell you, it’s no surprise that you’ll see the winners here in other categories too!  While they don’t have to be pretty to taste good…. it’s just so much easier to love them when they’re pretty.  Wait, that makes me come off sounding shallow?

Best Vanilla / Vanilla

Brown Betty

Winner: Brown Betty
Runner Up:  Philly Cupcake

Personally, I’m not a vanilla fan.  I like a little summin’ summin’ in the things I eat – but my playa’z all loved Betty’s.  I gotta say Betty’s Vanilla Cake kinda rocks houze.

Best Choc / Choc
Winner: Whipped Bakeshop
Runner Up: Brown Betty

Ok, here’s my category!  I didn’t judge – but I did taste and I have to agree – they playa’z got this right!  When I tasted Whipped Bakeshop’s chocolate, I yelled out, “YES!”  But you should know, I’m easy!  Not cheap, but when it comes to chocolate, I’m eazy!

Best Wild Card
Winner:  Philly Cupcake’s Sweet Potato
Runner Up:  Brown Betty’s Red Velvet

Again, I didn’t judge – but we all know … the nosh guy… LUVZ this cupcake!  TROOF!

Flying Monkey's Irish Car Bomb

Most Unique
Flying Monkey’s Irish Car Bomb
Runner Up: Whipped Bake Shop’s Vanilla w. Lemon Curd Filling

Truly a unique combination of textures and flavors!  Nearly a clean sweep in this category!  The playa’z were emphatic that these two really stood out!  I haven’t had a drink in nearly 10 years, but this was just like tippin’ a pint!

Cutest Cupcake
Whipped Bakeshop’s Vanilla
Runner Up: Philly Cupcake’s Sweet Potato

Ok, if Coco Channel ate cupcakes, she’d have picked the Vanilla cupcake from Whipped Bakeshop.  Simple.  Classic.  Elegant.  Adorable.  “Dress shabbily, notice the dress, dress impeccably, notice the woman.”  Coco Channel.

Whipped Bakeshop

While, not everyone can be a winner, there is no such thing as a bad cupcake!

The next time you’re hankering for a lil summin’ sweet.  Check out any of the bakeries that so generously provided product to this taste test!  Each one has a uniqueness that sets them apart.

What a blast we had!  Thanks everyone!  What’s next?  Did someone say Cannoli Warz?


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8 Responses to Philly Cupcake Warz

  1. Sugary buffet, chubby kid, choices, fork , dammit all to hell. Oh well, it was all for the sake of a greater cause, the celebration of the cupcake. By the way, Miss Betty (brown) will you accept my hand in marriage?

    Barry, thanks for making me fatter. Love you anyway.

    Jason, Philly Ad Kid


  2. I’m still trying to decide if the tummyache was worth it. Also, I was totally one of the ones spitting out cupcakes. Such a lady! Thanks again for organizing it. Let’s do pies next time!

  3. David says:

    What was the secret to making the event a blind taste test?
    When moving on to the wild card segment, was there a costume change into that card themed t-shirt featured in the pix of you “making out” with a cupcake?
    Colleen – can pies include the pizza variety?
    I think this event was altogether too much fun in concept and apparent execution.

  4. Melissa says:

    This is so amazing, and I am so jealous.

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