RAW Chocolate Mousse Pie @ Jar Bar

Best Vegan Dessert In Philadelphia

Seriously, I’m not a raw foodist, or a vegan or even a vegetarian for that matter.  I just know when something’s stupid good!

When I heard Raw Chocolate Mousse Pie, I did the “smell the fart face”…. You know you made it too….

However, they do something magical at Jar Bar.  Rich and powerful dark chocolate flavor.  You know you’re eating chocolate.

The crust is out of this world, I’d eat just that – dates and coconut!

If you love chocolate – get this dessert!  If you love RAW food – get this dessert!

Dairy Free – Sugar Free – Gluten Free – but not calorie Free…. but with the level of flavor … treat yourself..

Jar Bar on Urbanspoon

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i'm an average writer with an above average love of food. at 40 years old, i needed something to do outside of work that feed my soul. i decided to combine my love of eating, my average writing skills, and my overly hyped opinions and my big mouth to create foodrulez.com. if you like it, you like it, if you don't - go eat at the mall.
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